Sometimes, things come full-circle.

Like when you’re there for a client in the very beginning. But then, you go your separate ways … amicably, of course. And then, by some twist of fate, and for reasons that seem almost cosmic and serendipitous, you reunite again, a little bit farther down the road. And you help them with their next website iteration. This is how we help Castle Rock’s Ecclesia Market reach the world.

We are so excited to return to helping Ecclesia Market in downtown Castle Rock with their new online presence. We launched the new and improved on March 1 — about five years after their first website — and we feel that we succeeded in helping them tell their story. Be cool, be clear, but most of all: be clear. When you’re representing a bar, two shops, and six food vendors — all wrapped up in a chic, urban setting — you’ve got to hit the target. So we encourage you to check out … and we hope you like what you see. And if you need help with your web property, please contact us today.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Ecclesia, it’s a former church in the heart of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado, that has been converted to a lounge, food court, and micro mall. Vendors include Arayes Grill, Bloom & Grow Kitchen, Fish & Company, Gluttony & Graze, Ram3n, Romo’s Street Tacos, Sinners & Saints, Sudden Fiction Books, and Wild & Blume.

As the website describes it, “Ecclesia is your one-stop eat, drink, and shop destination — a community hub in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. It’s a truly unique establishment — a sanctuary of relaxation and fun for friends and family to gather and enjoy one another. It’s an eclectic collection of individual businesses, offering a wide range of delicious artisanal foods, delectable craft cocktails, beer and wine, flowers, plants and gifts, and a wonderful independent bookstore.”

Ecclesia Market in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado, is your “soul destination.”

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